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Self-Cleaning Mop


Ready to FREE your hands? 
Want to know the BEST mop for ULTIMATE floor care?

Say bye to your traditional mops - Stress-free yet effective cleaning hacks don’t have to cost you a fortune. Scrubway™ Self-Cleaning Mop is designed to make mopping easy and convenient for you!


Scrubway™ Self-Cleaning Mop is most ideally used for floor cleanings, such as hardwood, laminate, marble, or tile floors. 

Unlike traditional mops, that pick up dirty residuals with which you end up using to clean, our evolutionary ALL IN ONE self-cleaning system washes and dries your mop so you get a clean mop each use without having to wet your hands with dirty mop and water. It effectively cuts your cleaning time in half! 

This quick and easy self-cleaning system allows you to wash, rinse, and dry your mop all at the SAME TIME! No more hand washing the mops, no more bending over, no more trips back and forth. Take this portable bucket with you to Clean EVERYTHING and ALL AT ONCE!

Insert the flat mop vertically up and down to the cleaning side of the bucket to scrape off the dirt and repeat the same motion on the drying side to achieve the desired dampness for wet mopping.

Gently remove the mop from the drying side, and it is ready to be used! The attached lid does ALL the hands-free cleaning for you while preventing splashes.

Our minimalist design makes storage and transport easy. It also features a bucket handle and two drain plugs for HASSLE-FREE drainage.

The ULTRA-FINE microfiber cleaning pad picks up dirt, dust, fur, hair, and stains like a MAGNET

These cleaning pads are washable, reusable, durable, and more eco-friendly than regular disposable pads!

The package comes with two microfiber cleaning pads. Additional cleaning pads can be purchased in our store separately. 

The slim yet flexible 360° SWIVEL HEAD design allows you to lay the mop flat so you can effectively clean corners, under furniture, and other HARD TO REACH areas.

The lightweight pole is made of stainless steel, which allows you to clean effortlessly without tiring you out.


Scrubway™ Self-Cleaning Mop is EASY to install, LIGHT to carry, and EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE for floor care – the perfect ALL IN ONE self-cleaning mop you will need in your household!