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Mini Duster

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Scrubway™ Mini Duster is the perfect double-sidedduster you need to clean tight space, whether it is your car vent, blinds, air-conditioner, shutter, or computer keyboard! The size of this duster is just right to sweep all the dust, the best part? It is reusable


DOUBLE-SIDED DESIGN –The unique double-ended design with both cleaning cloth and brush allows quick and easy cleaning of tight or tiny areas that keep collecting dust but extremely hard to clean.

REMOVEABLE CLOTH – The cloth on one side of the Mini Duster can be removed. The reusable microfiber cloth can be cleaned easily with detergent.  

EFFECTIVE AND CONVENIENT - This Mini Duster is suitable for the air vent, keyboard of any size, helps to clean dust and dirt effectively! 

MULTI-PURPOSE – This Mini Duster can be used to sweep the dust off the car air vent. blinds, air-conditioner, shutter, and the computer keyboard, while its high-quality material ensures practicality and durability.