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Window Squeegee

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Frustrated with dirty shower doors, mirrors, and windows? 

Why waste paper towels to wipe surfaces when you can use a wiper to take care of everything? 

Scrubway™ Window Squeegee will be the ONE tool you need to keep your shower doors, mirrors, and windows clean at all times! It is extremely easy and comfortable to use and is safe for the surface. The suction cup hanger makes storage convenient! The wide silicone blade lets you clean faster with streak-free results.


MULTI-PURPOSE - This Stainless Steel Squeegee will take care of multiple glass surfaces, such as glass shower doors, bathroom mirrors, cars, and glass windows! It is the smart eco-friendly solution to cleaning any surface! 

STRENGTH AND DURABILITY - Made of high-quality stainless steel, providing long-lasting longevity. It is rust-resistant, stable, and durable. The soft silicone scraper makes it easy to keep your shower doors, mirrors, and windows squeaky clean without leaving any marks or causing damage! 

EASY TO USE This cleaning tool is lightweight and easy to hold thanks to the ergonomic design. The comfortable handle is designed for extended cleaning if needed. It also comes with suction cups for easy storage or wall-mounting. 


  • Stainless Steel Squeegee
  • Suction Hook