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Keep Your Home Clean in the Time of COVID-19

  • 2 min read


Bacteria is everywhere. Some is good, some is bad and some is incredibly dangerous. We are currently experiencing this worldwide. Now more than ever it's important to stay clean and address any bacterial issues we may have...

Here are some tips on how to keep your home tidy and clean during this time! 

1. Clean hard surfaces, such as stove top, sink, shower, floor, toilet and others! It is important to clean these surfaces as we come in contact with them every single day. It is recommended to clean these surfaces with the appropriate cleaner and cleaning tools. Scrubway Cordless Power Scrubber Pro Spray Mop and Hygienic Toilet Brush are all effective tools to consider when it comes to cleaning hard surfaces. 

2. Clean soft surfaces, such as your carpet, rugs and drapes using soap and water, or the appropriate cleaners for these surfaces. These soft surfaces can collect a lot of dust and dirt and bacteria, so it is important to give these surfaces a clean periodically!

2. Clean electronics, such as your phones, tablets, computers, keyboards, remote controls, mouse and monitors. It is recommended that you use alcohol wipes to clean these devices as it dries quickly! 

3. Clean laundry, such as your clothing, towels, linens, covers and others. Do not shake dirty laundry and try using the warmest water setting to deep clean and disinfect the laundry (use the temperature that is appropriate to the items) and dry the laundry properly afterwards. 

4. Clean hands. Make sure you clean your hands every time after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing; before touching your face, eyes, nose or your mouth; after using bathroom; after eating and preparing food; after touching pets; before and after entering to any public areas. Hand sanitizers should be carried with you at all time to disinfect each time the above action is performed. 

Just like you watch what you eat, you need to watch what you clean and how you are cleaning them. Neglecting these important steps can lead to growing bacteria and illness. Let's all do our part to clean and disinfect in this fight together! Keeping a clean and tidy home is not just for ourselves but also for our loved ones.