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Creating Your Home Cleaning Schedule: Daily, Weekly, & Monthly

It can be challenging to keep your home clean and tidy year-round. Fortunately, home cleaning becomes easier if you break your chores into manageable daily, weekly and monthly to-dos. A regular cleaning schedule will keep you on the right track with essential house cleaning chores.

We're sharing basic cleaning and organization checklists to organize smaller cleaning tasks each day, week, and month. Get this checklist to keep your home clean and organized always.

Daily Cleaning Tasks

Checking off small cleaning tasks each day keeps little untidiness from becoming a big mess while contributing to overall upkeep. 

The most important cleaning tasks you should do every day are:

Make Bed

A quick fluff of the pillows and tug of the sheets every morning is the easiest way to instantly make your bedroom look tidy. Making your bed every day gives your space a good focal point while helping you start your day off right and improve your sleep quality. 


Explore common dumping grounds in your home and pick up miscellaneous items like grooming items, shoes, backpacks, etc. Then, return them to the place where they belong. 

Wipe Down Dirty Surfaces

Take a clean, damp cloth to wipe off the dining table, corner tables, counters, stovetops, and other surfaces quickly. Clean surfaces add to visual cleanliness and keep spills and food from becoming hard and difficult to scrape off.

capsule vacuum

You can use a capsule vacuum to quickly dust tricky and uneven surfaces like the keyboard, inside drawers, etc.

Wash Dishes

An overflow kitchen sink full of dishes attracts pests and produces foul smells. So, unload your dishwasher every morning to put dirty dishes in this throughout the day. This results in clean sinks and counters. 

Takeout Trash

Most cities offer disposal programs on a weekly or biweekly basis. Make sure you take your recycling and garbage out on your designated day and/or area.

Important Note:Daily cleaning routine may look different for everyone, depending on your routine and the size of your family. Regardless of this, it's important to take a few minutes daily for simple chores to keep your space clean and prevent time-consuming deep cleaning.

Weekly Cleaning Tasks

Doing small cleaning tasks daily makes it easy to maintain your weekly cleaning schedule. Weekly cleaning tasks are a little more time-consuming and provide a deeper cleaning than daily tasks.

It involves cleaning areas that guests don't see and helps avoid big messes from piling up. In addition, weekly cleaning of these areas can contribute to the well-being of the household.

Dust Your Home

Dust and brush your furniture every week to keep them clean and maintain their condition. Dusting also prevents dirt from polluting the indoor air while making your home look tidy.

smart vacuum cleaner

Use a smart robot cleaner that easily reaches the areas under your bed, sofas, and tables to catch dust. It works on various floors, such as ceramic tiles, carpets, and marble floors.

Do the Laundry

Sweat, dirt, dust, bacteria, pet hair, and other things easily get into your bedding and towels. So, make sure you launder your sheets and towels each week. 

Also, designate a separate hamper for every family member. Depending on your needs, you can wash clothes once a week or run laundry cycles throughout the week. Fold and put away clothes right after finishing the drying cycle.

Deep Clean Your Fridge

Clean fridge

Each week, wipe down each shelf in your fridge and freezer to prevent bad odors, mold growth, and sticky areas. Dispose of any leftovers or expired foods weekly to keep the contents fresh. Ensure that you address any leaks, spills, or crumbs as soon as you notice them.

Vacuum your Carpets

Carpets and rugs hide dirt, grime, and hair. They also pick up smells if left uncleaned. So, vacuum them once a week to keep them clean. This handheld vacuum cleaner can make your job easier and faster.

handheld vacuum cleaner

Clean Your Bathroom

  • Put all products, styling tools, and toiletries back in their designated places.
  • Scrub the toilet to prevent bacteria, mess, and hard water buildup. You can use a hygienic toilet brush that features a unique drain design, making toilet scrubbing easier.
  • Wipe down sinks and counters for water spots, hand soap drips, toothpaste residue, etc.
  • Replenish toilet paper, soap, hand and bath towels, and other bathroom supplies.

Sweep and Mop the Floors Thoroughly

A quick daily sweep is helpful. Each week, move furniture out of the way and get into crannies and nooks. Clean hidden areas of the floor and corners that you may not have time to clean during weekdays. Make mopping fun, fast, and hygienic with a self-drying smart floor mop.

smart floor mop

Suitable for all floor types, smart mops let you clean spaces around furniture legs and low crevices. Make your life easier with microfiber smart floor mop pads

Clean Mirrors

Dust and smudges accumulate on mirrors. Each week, wipe them off with a cloth or paper towel to bring them back to their shimmering. 

Monthly Cleaning Tasks

Monthly cleaning goes deeper than surface cleaning and targets areas you can't see or access quickly. It's an important step to prevent larger messes and costly repairs down the road.

Dust Areas Above Your Head

Dust areas that are higher up. These include places above cupboards, ceiling fans, top of the fridge, and alike. If left uncleaned, dust settles on these sports and starts falling onto cleaner surfaces. You can reach higher-up areas with a bendable duster to collect dust and dirt effectively.

Clean Windows

Clean windows improve the visual cleanliness of your home and allow plenty of natural light in. So, clean your windows each month to prevent dirt and grime buildup. 

window squeegees

Make window cleaning easier with window squeegees that work on multiple glass surfaces, from bathroom mirrors to room windows and car glasses. A magnetic glass cleaner also makes a great addition to your cleaning kit.

Organize your Closet and Drawers

Go through your closets and organize them. Get rid of unwanted or worn clothes. Fold any unfolded clothing. Also, quickly go through your drawers to organize them before they become hard to manage. 

Clean Your Vents

Cleaning your vents can prevent a fire hazard, and make sure your HVAC doesn’t spread dust through your house. Wipe down and vacuum your vents every month to keep your HVAC system free from dirt. 

Scrub the Grout

Take time to scrub clean your tile grout to see its original color. It also helps prevent mold and dirt from building up, damaging the grout and turning into a costly issue if overlooked. You can use a cordless power scrubber pro to scrub away burned messes, dirt, mildew, soap, and hard water stains quickly and easily. 

Bonus Tips: Tools To Save Time

Right cleaning tools can speed up your cleaning process while maximizing results. For example, scrub gloves with silicone bristles can improve your kitchen hygiene and cleaning routine. Similarly, a crevice cleaner tool can be extremely effective in catching dirt and dust stuck in window crevices.