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9 Hacks to Keep Your Home Clean with Pets!

  • 3 min read

Pets are like kids! They don’t mind adding to your daily chores. Muck, dirt, dust and pet hair from their rock and roll-over lifestyle can make your home look messy and untidy. So, it can be challenging to keep your house clean with pets.

But, not anymore! We spoke with some pet owners to collect these tried-and-tested tips to keep your home tidy and clean when you have dogs, cats or both.

#1 Set up a Pet Grooming Routine

A quick wash down every day with plain water (over-washing with shampoo can irritate their coat) should make the difference. Give your furry buddy a thorough cleaning with pet shampoo bi-weekly. Depending on the breed, your pet may require de-shedding or trimming.

Set up a Pet Grooming Routine

If your dog gets mucky, you don’t need to have them bathe every time. Instead, simply wipe down their feet, legs, and stomach with a damp cloth. During wetter seasons, make sure you use warm water to clean your pet.

#2 Brushing, Brushing, Brushing

Pets lose a considerable amount of hair naturally every day. So, develop a habit to brush their hair a few times a week. The more you remove while brushing, the less hair you see all over your house.

Consider wearing pet grooming gloves that give your pet a much-needed massage. And, no fur flying around your home!

#3 Layer a Bathmat on top of your Entry Rug

It will keep your pup from tracking in dirt or getting floors wet on snowy or rainy days. Bathmats are highly absorbent. So, they absorb any wetness off your pet’s paws when they enter the house. Give the bathmat a machine wash when they start looking grimy. Easy and quick, no?

#4 Vacuum Often

Dogs are constantly shedding, and they bring dirt in the house, even if you’re extra conscious. So, vacuum your home regularly! It’s the quickest and easiest way to keep your pooch from making your place dirty and smelly.

Vacuum the Floor

We recommend getting a good-quality handheld vacuum cleaner for easy deep cleaning. Use a vacuum that can capture grime, dirt and pet hair, even from hard-to-reach spots.

#5 Shop Your Pet’s Bed Sensibly

Don’t get lured by stylish beds featuring decadent design and fluffy lining. Instead, go for a low-maintenance and easy-to-clean option. Ideally, choose a water-resistant bed for messy pups. Give it a quick wipe down, and you're done. Then, leave it out in the sun for 15-20 minutes twice a month.

water-resistant bed for messy pups

#6 Keeping Upholstery Clean with Pets

Don’t miss those warm snuggles with your furry love in your bed or sofa. Simply get an easy-to-use reusable roller that captures all pet fur and lint in a minute. Plus, add a stylish, pet-friendly throw that you can chunk in the wash when needed.

#7 Let in Some Fresh Air

Does your home smell like kennels? Vacuum your home and wash your linens regularly.

Besides, airing out your home can help reduce pet-related smells. Open every screen window and door in your home, and turn on all ceiling fans for an hour or two. Do this every weekend in summer (you don’t want to freeze in winter)!  

If possible, you can get an air purifier that pulls dander and debris out from the air in your home.

#8 Clean your Pet’s Belongings Regularly

Clean your pet’s toys, bed, dishes, leashes, and other stuff regularly. You can wash toys and bowls in a dishwasher and linen in your washing machine. Don't forget to check cleaning instructions before cleaning your pet's stuff.

Clean your Pet’s Belongings Regularly

#9 Set Some Rules

Rules are for everyone – yourself, your family, and your pet! Train your pet to not enter the house when covered in mud. Snuggling is fine but train them not to bite linens or jump onto your leather sofa.

Final Tips

Invest in some smart cleaning tools that save you a lot of time and hassle. For example, a magnetic glass cleaner helps clean scum and algae off of the inside of your aquarium.

Despite all your cleaning efforts, pets are so worth them and bring joy to our lives. So simply follow our tips to clean home with pets and enjoy!