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9 Hacks to Keep Your Drawers Clean and Organized

Drawers can quickly become messy and overstuffed, whether in your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. So, it becomes overwhelming to find out little things in the pile of clutter in small boxes.

Fortunately, cleaning and organizing your drawers can be easy and straightforward. Just try our foolproof drawer cleaning and organizing hacks listed below.

From make-up drawers to junk drawers, these tips will get your things back in order in no time.

Let’s take a look:

#1 Empty All Your Drawers

Empty your drawers so that you can see everything clearly. Next, clean them to remove any accumulated dust or dirt. You can use a capsule vacuum cleaner to access hard-to-reach corners in your drawers. Next, spray inside a cleaning solution and wipe it out using a microfiber cleaning cloth

#2 Invest in Nice Drawer Liners

Liners protect your drawer's interior and also minimize dust inside. But, most importantly, they make it easier and faster to clean your drawers. While you could line your drawers with old newspapers, you can also try leftover fabric or oilcloth. Also, try sheet metal for utility drawers for extra protection.

#3 Group Items by Category

Split your inventory into categories according to the number of drawers you have. Make sure you keep in mind how much will fit into each drawer. Within each category, you can sort items by colors so that you can group them for quick access whenever you need them.

#4 Use Drawer Dividers to Separate Items

Organize and clean drawers 2

Drawer dividers can help straighten out a chaotic drawer. So, you can find your belongings efficiently while avoiding clutter because dividers help keep everything in its designated place. Drawer organizers are available in various shapes and sizes to store your items, from bulk clothing to pesky junk. You can also DIY drawer dividers to make your wardrobes and closets look stylish.

#5 Organize Drawers with Labels

After creating different spaces in your drawers, label those to make drawer organization easier in the future. Labels make it easy to find whatever you need. Also, they help you remember where to put things back when you're done using them.

#6 Keep your Dresser Top Clean and Decluttered

Organize and clean drawers 1

We all can relate to this! Unfortunately, we generally use the top of dressers as a dumping ground for our odds and ends. Keep it decluttered, and instead add it to display your stylish perfume bottles or jewelry. It will help beautify your décor while making the dresser top more functional. If it has glass on the dresser top, you can use a magnetic glass cleaner for quick cleaning. In addition, you can use crevice cleaners to remove the dirt accumulated in drawer slides.

#7 Use See-Through Bags for Junk

You can store extra fasteners in a clear plastic bag instead of an empty tea can. It makes it easy to quickly search for needed nuts, bolts, or whatever you need. Simply find it, reach in and pluck it from the mix.

#8 Don’t Overcrowd your Junk Drawers

junk drawer cleaning and organizing

Junk drawers are meant for miscellaneous things. But they often end up being an overflowing space for non-essential items. So, go through your junk drawers at least once a month and make sure that they’ve only what you truly need. Toss your plastic bags, business cards, rubber bands, and more.

#9 Final Tip: Follow the Once-in-a-Month Rule

If you develop this habit, it will take just 5-10 minutes to clean and organize one drawer. Moreover, you’d be able to keep your drawers clean and organized, making your day-to-day life more manageable. Fortunately, you’ll find many handy cleaning tools like a bendable duster to make the process a whole lot easier and faster.