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10 Easy New Year's Resolutions for a Cleaner Home!

  • 4 min read

Lose weight. Quit social media. Start your own business. We all end up making some big new year’s resolution in our zealousness. While there is nothing wrong with having goals, what’s wrong is overwhelming ourselves by trying to do everything all at once.

What works, instead, is to divide your resolutions into smaller achievable targets.

This article is going to break down a resolution that many people have: keeping their house clean. Following these small habits will help you stick to your resolution and keep your house looking spotless all year.

Let’s begin!

1. Declutter Frequently Used Spaces

To kick off the year, we recommend you start by decluttering the spaces you make use of frequently. This could be your work desk, bedroom, or kitchen.

Whatever it is, get to work by collecting everything in that space. Then ask yourself, "Do I use this item regularly?"

If the answer is “no,” you can do without that particular item in your house.

2. Get Rid of the Garbage

Probably the easiest thing you can do to keep your house looking managed is to get rid of the garbage around the house.

Try and gather as much trash - whether that is wrappers, containers, or empty boxes -and get rid of it.

Our Scrubaway Microfiber Duster can be a pretty handy tool for this purpose. This reusable duster is going to help you collect all the unwanted refuse – even in those unreachable areas – and make it easier for you to get an all-around tidy house.

3. Donate Your Stuff to Charity

A great way to carry out your new year’s resolution of a clean home is to donate your stuff.

Set aside a donation box in your closet and periodically include items in it that you think someone else can benefit from.

Doing this will not only help you declutter but you would also feel good while doing it. Feeling good about it is going to help you stick with your resolution a lot better.

4. Take Something Out When You Bring Something In

While decluttering can take you hours, the opposite is true when it comes to building that clutter back up. It is very easy to gather an excess of items around the house by buying new stuff even if you don’t need it.

A good rule to remember is to take something out when you bring something in. Every time you buy something, look for an item in your home that you can get rid of in its place.

Following this method will make your life a lot easier as you won’t build all that mess up again.

5. Avoid Buying More Than You Need

At Scrubaway Cleaning, we are all about reducing waste. For this reason, we offer versatile products, such as our 4 in 1 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, where one product meets multiple cleaning needs. This reduces the number of tools you have to purchase to keep your house looking tidy.

Another great way to live an environmentally friendly life is to simply not buy in excess.

It can be tempting to buy in bulk because you are getting a good deal but ask yourself whether you really need that much.

If you buy only what you need, not only will you reduce waste, but you will never have things left over to become trash. That means less cleaning for you.

6. Clean Your Surfaces

Cleaning is not easy and just the thought of getting your entire closet decluttered can send your head spinning. This is why we suggest starting with something smaller.

You can begin cleaning the flat surfaces in your home. This could be your dining table, coffee table, countertops, desk, or nightstand.

Start with a surface that stresses you out with its mess every time you see it. Clear everything off and when you’re about to keep items back, pick each one up and determine whether you’d like to keep it or donate/throw it away.

7. Tidy a Room Before You Leave It

One way to stay on top of cleaning is to make little bits of effort here and there before you leave a room to make it tidier.

For example, you can organize the pillows on your sofa before you leave the living room. Or pick off the clutter of documents and papers on your work desk and store them on a shelf neatly.

Applying the same principle, use our

8. Clean During Breaks & Between Tasks

This article is all about making your cleaning easy for you and one way you can do just that is by making it a habit to tidy up spaces between other tasks.

This will help you clean in smaller chunks, which is way less overwhelming. It will also help you save time.

Maybe you can clean your kitchen using our Power Scrubber Pro+ while you wait for the water to boil.

Or maybe your car is in dire need of a quick clean-up and using our Smart Car Vacuum will make sure to get the job done quickly so that you are back in time for your favorite T.V. show!

9. Create a Cleaning Schedule

Having a cleaning schedule will help you stay on top of your new year’s resolution.

Break up cleaning tasks into small daily activities so that it’s easier for you to stick to them.

A good practice is to divide your cleaning activities into morning and evening cleaning sessions. For example, you can start with a quick dusting session of your living room during the day. Subsequently, you can opt to clean the tiles in the evening. Using our

10. Spend a Few Minutes Tidying Before Going to Sleep

A great way to stay consistent with your new year's resolution of a clean house is to ditch your phone before going to sleep. Instead, use that time to organize or clean your spaces.

Arrange your clothes, wipe down your bathroom, put things in their places, or pick up trash. Do this for five minutes every day before bed and watch your house become spotless and squeaky clean over the year.