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Cleaning Tips

Guide to creating your home cleaning schedule (Daily, Weekly, & Monthly): Creating this checklist can keep your home tidy and clean always. No mess, no hassle! Save yourself time using cleaning tools.
Get rid of hard water stains on tiles with saline water, baking powder, and lemon juice. Mop the floor regularly to keep your tiles clean for longer time.

Cleaning and organizing your drawers can be easy and straightforward. From make-up drawers to junk drawers, these tips will get your things back in order in no time.

This room-by-room spring cleaning checklist to make things easier and save you time. The tips below will help you deep clean every surface, corner, and wall in any room, resulting in a neat and clean home.

Pets are like kids! They don’t mind adding to your daily chores. Muck, dirt, dust and pet hair from their rock and roll-over lifestyle can make your home look messy and untidy. So, it can be challenging to keep your house clean with pets.

But, not anymore! We spoke with some pet owners to collect these tried-and-tested tips to keep your home tidy and clean when you have dogs, cats or both.

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This article is going to break down a resolution that many people have: keeping their house clean. Following these small habits will help you stick to your resolution and keep your house looking spotless all year.
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Due to its porous texture, grout is highly prone to catching on dirt and grime. Grout can also be a little tricky to clean due to being slightly deeper than the tile surface, so simply wiping it down does not cut it a lot of the time. 
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While carpets and mats add a sense of homeliness to any house’s décor, they are also prone to attracting quite a bit of dust and dirt.

To make them last longer, carpets and mats require regular maintenance and cleaning. There is no such thing as forgetting about them as they require consistent attention to stay in great condition. Any spillages on your rugs and carpets should be dealt with immediately and vacuuming should be an essential part of your cleaning routine.

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Bacteria is everywhere. Some is good, some is bad and some is incredibly dangerous. We are currently experiencing this worldwide. Now more than ever it's important to stay clean and address any bacterial issues we may have...
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Spilled wine while having fun with friends and family? No problem! No need to rent a carpet cleaner or get it professionally cleaned, all you need is vinegar and a steam iron and you are good to go! Mix vinegar and water together with 1:3 ratio, and apply the mix to the stain, and then cover the stain with a wet cloth before steading the stain for about 30 seconds long. 
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Planning is crucial when it comes to productivity and efficiency. It all starts with a system in place, and it isn't challenging to create one. All you have to do is list all the cleaning duties you have to accomplish that day and re-arrange them in the sequence you wish to complete them. For example, a comprehensive cleaning list could look something like this: 1) Do the dishes 2) Deep clean the kitchen 3) Put the laundry in the washer 5) Clean the bathroom 6) Vacuum the floor 7) Mop the floor 8) Put the laundry in the dryer 9) Fold the laundry before bedtime. Now, it is not that you have to complete it all in one go, but this gives you a clear direction and an order that makes the most sense for the cleaning job to be effective! After all, it is a routine.

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